81% of women in Russia love themselves: the results of the survey in the framework of the project ”I am for myself”

Today, many women strive to be at the same time as an impeccable mother, and a loving wife, and a top manager. It would still be good to have a hobby, speak several languages and constantly be on top. But in this endless race, women forget about their real needs. The brand ”I” found out whether the Russians have time for themselves and whether they are satisfied with their lives.

The study was a continuation of the project “I for myself”, launched by the I brand “I” in early 2020. More than 9,000 women aged 18-55 out of 670 cities of Russia* took part in the online survey on the brand platform*. The results of the study showed that personal space and time are extremely important for a woman. Moments alone help to understand themselves and correctly prioritize.

Time for yourself

The project confirmed the hypothesis that modern women often forget about their true desires and cease to listen to themselves in the stream of routine affairs. Most of the respondents (76%) are working women, and almost all of them have an additional load in the form of housework (cleaning, cooking, etc.D.).

More than half of the respondents considered it ideal to give themselves from 2 to 4 hours a day, but they have only one or two hours, and 15% not even that. At the same time, a third of the respondents feel guilty for their free time that they spend on themselves.

Expert’s opinion

Ivanova Varvara Vladimirovna, psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, teacher of the Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology

For many women, the right to pleasure is violated due to excessively strict education. Often, talk about delegating duties causes only irritation, since this contradicts the internal conviction of their indispensability, and the complaints of employment, in fact, are aimed only for others to appreciate the degree of perfection: “No one will cope with such a load asI”. Compliments addressed to your address, an objective assessment of their achievements, made as a habit,

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will give the opportunity to relax and begin to enjoy life.

About self -love

The survey showed that the main share of Russian women loves themselves – this is how 81% of the survey participants answered. Half of them agreed that self -love is primarily a complete acceptance of oneself and caring for their body.

19% of respondents admitted that they were unhappy, mainly with their appearance. Almost a third of the respondents replied that they have no motivation to love themselves due to the lack of a partner.

3 Fear that interferes to live

Lack of free time is not the only obstacle to modern women on the way to happiness. Take a new hobby, change your job or go on a trip to most fair sexes. The greatest influence on their life is the fear of condemnation – 86% of respondents admitted to this. It is interesting that with age, these fears cease to worry women, which means that they learn to cope with them.

Expert’s opinion

When in childhood we are faced with a tough criticism of our needs from the closest people, we forever close the topic of desires for ourselves so that never to contact the pain of resentment and disappointment again. Fear mobilizes our resources to solve new problems, it should not limit our life. Doing the same as always, you remain in the same place as always.


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