How To Setup Virtual Hosts With Apache Net Server On Linux

My Ubuntu 20.04 server has some recordsdata within the /etc/apache2/sites-available directory. We will create more files on this directory to create a quantity of digital hosts. Apache net server simplifies internet hosting a quantity of websites by allowing system administrators to easily configure virtual hosts for every website. The asterisks match all addresses, so the main server serves no requests. Due to the reality that the virtual host with ServerName is first within the configuration file, it has the best precedence and can be seen as the default or major server.

how to setup web server virtual hosting

Hosting a quantity of web sites on a single server is a well-liked approach for system directors who want to save money and time. By utilizing a single server to host multiple web sites, the administrator can cut back the amount of hardware and software required to help the web sites. In addition, this technique can also reduce the amount of time required to handle the web sites. To host a quantity of web sites on a single server, the administrator should first set up the Apache net server software program.

Arrange Permissions

The browser ought to show the index.html pages which would possibly be arrange within the earlier steps. You can also add more directives.Add two directives such as ServerName. Within the file, you can set something such as- example testing for To stop the editor press Ctrl+X and make sure the adjustments by urgent Y and Enter .

Once Apache is put in, the administrator can then create virtual hosts for each web site. A digital host is an Apache configuration that defines a separate web site that’s hosted on the identical server. By using digital hosts, the administrator can make certain that each web site has its own unique IP address and domain name. After the digital hosts have been created, the administrator can then add the web sites to the server.


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